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Fiber coupled acousto optic aom modulator

There are 2 kinds of acousto optic modulators(fiber coupled aom), one is fiber coupled acousto optic modulator, the other is free space acousto optic modulator.

Acousto-optic Modulator IR AOM is for IR lasers, such as 1064nm, 1550nm, and 2000nm .

More about acousto optic aom modulator.

Acousto-optical modulation of thin film lithium niobate waveguide devices

These fiber coupled acousto optic modulators are designed to offer an optimal solution for amplitude modulation of laser light in a single mode optical fiber. They are offered between 680 and 1850 nm . These AOM’s are easy to implement and offer direct control of the timing, intensity, and temporal shape of the laser output down to a few nanoseconds.

A Fiber coupled acousto optic aom modulator requires an RF driver. We offers a range of RF drivers configured for either digital input (TTL) or analog input configurations.