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rvs28 potentiometer

RVS28 28mm rvs28 potentiometer carbon film rotary potentiometer for welding machine


Rotary potentiometers can produce a linear or logarithmic output with tolerances of typically 10 to 20 percent. As they are mechanically controlled, they can be used to the measure the rotation of a shaft, but a single-turn rotary potentiometer normally offers less than 300 degrees of angular movement from minimum to maximum resistance. However, multi-turn potentiometers, called trimmers, are available that allow for a higher degree of rotational accuracy.

Mechanical specifications:

Total rotation angel260°±10°
Stop torque≥

Electrical specifications:

Total resistanceMeasurement shall be made by the resistance between terminal R1and R3.10KΩ
Resistance taperResistance changesB
Total Resistance toleranceMeasurement shall be made by the resistance tolerance between terminal R1 and R3.± 20%
Rated powerRated power is based on continuous full load operation at the maximum voltage between terminal R1 and R3.0.5W(50 ℃)
Residual resistanceTest residual resistance beteen terminal R1 and R2; terminal R2 and R3R≤10KΩ R0≤20Ω 10KΩ<R≤100KΩ R0≤30Ω 100KΩ<R≤250KΩ
R0≤50Ω R≥250KΩ R0≤0.1%
Rotation of noiseThe murmur will appear when shaft turn from terminal 1 to terminal 3 by 30 rounds/minute equably speed.≤47mV
Voltage proofInput more then one minute voltage between terminals and shell.2500VAC
Max. operation voltageMaximal voltage which sustained by terminal R1 and R350VAC
Operating temperaturePotentiometer of the performance guarantee for the use ambient temperature-30℃~70℃
Insulation resistanceTest voltage:DC 500V,
Test position: Between terminal and case


Rotation lifeAfter 10,000 rotation after the test, the changes impacted no more than ± (15% R +0.5 Ω) rotational noise of not more than 100 mv
Terminal strengthAfter welding (350℃, 3,5 seconds) after the of terminal contacts should be good, no termination loosening of
Soldering abilityDip the terminals into tin tank at 235°C±5°C for 5±0.5 seconds, the soldering area should be more than 90%.