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1300nm Collimator Variable Optical Attenuator

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1300nm Collimator Variable Optical Attenuator




Optical attenuators are devices which can be used to attenuate a light beam, i.e., to reduce its optical power. The amount of attenuation is often specified in terms of an optical density or in decibels, sometimes in percent of transmitted or blocked optical power.

Collimator variable optical attenuator (VOA) is a fiber optic attenuator that is available in Single mode, Multimode 62.5 and Multimode 50um.

1300nm Collimator Variable Optical Attenuator.

Wide attenuation range
High precision
Low original loss
Compact size

Optical communication systems
Testing instruments
Optics laboratory
Fiber sensors


Attenuation range (dB):0.8-60
Original loss (dB):<0.8
Return loss (dB):>30
Fiber Type:50/125 or 62.5/125 MM fiber
Precision (dB):0.01(for<10dB);(0.1-0.3 For>10dB)
Handling power:<1W <1000mW


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Collimator Variable Optical Attenuator VOA



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