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5PCS 5PIN TO46 Photodiode Test Aging Socket

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5PCS 5PIN TO46 Photodiode Test Aging Socket




Suitable for —

1. Product type: PIN / PD / APD TO / ROSA / RX

2. Pin length: L≤13.7 ± 0.5mm;

3. Pin diameter: 0.42mm≤D≤0.49mm;

4. Pin distribution: A = 2-2-1 structure


Applicable package shape Laser Diode

Application Burn-in test / product function test; aperture spacing 2.54mm 2.0mm 1.43mm; resistance AC500Vrms 1minute; insulation resistance 500MΩ;

Contact point resistance <15mΩ; Rated current 1A (DC); Operating temperature range -45 ~ 150 ℃; Service life 5000 (typical);

Body material Brass Au Flash over Ni 2um plated; contact point material BeCu Au 0.25um over Ni 2um Plated; resin composition PPS


Compact miniature socket size for maximum board density

Accomodates most any TO package format with pin circle options of .079 ”(2.0 mm) or .100” (2.54 mm), including popular laser diode devices , Including popular laser diode devices, that can fit most package formats.

3 and 4 lead options available

Funneled entry holes to assist lead insertion


Material: Glass Filled Polysulfone

Flammability: UL 94V-0 Flammability: Vertical Burn Test V-0

Color: Green / Black / White

Outer Contact: Outer Contact

Material: Copper Alloy

Inner Contact:

Material: Beryllium Copper

Plating: Outer Sleeve: SnPb Solder

Inner Contact: 30 μ ”(0.76 μm) Gold over 50 μ” (1.3 μm) Nickel Inner Contact: 30 μ ”(0.76 μm) Gold 50 μ” (1.3 μm) Nickel

Current Rating: 1 Amp

Insulation Resistance:> 1 x 1012 W at 500 Vdc Insulation Resistance: 1 * 1012Ω & 500Vdc

Withstanding Voltage: 1000 Vrms at Sea Level

Temperature Rating:-55 ° C to 125 ° C Operating temperature range: -55 ° C to 125 ° C


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