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PH Electrode Industry PH Sensor Meter Tester 0-14PH 0.6MPa CT-1001

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PH Electrode Industry PH Sensor Meter Tester 0-14PH 0.6MPa CT-1001


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  • Brand Name: cnlandtek
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  • Model Number: CT-1001



The industry PH electrode adopt annular polyethylene solution??electropolar sense velamen and gelation electrolyte salt.  It can meet international standards with the express correspondence and good stability.

Performance Features

1. Convenient and don’t need to add electrolyte

2. Gelation electrolyte salt can effectively prevent from Electrode poisoning.

3.Annular polyethylene solution can counteract stain. So continued-online detection is supported.

4. Different sensitive membrane electrode can be applied for different kinds of PH measurement. And it has lower electrode resistance, express correspondence and good stability.

Use Soap

1. The electrode can work with various types of ph meter.

2. The electrode adopts connector way with the 3/4 inches standard screw thread.

3. The electrode can work for 1 year normally.  But the life of the electrode will be reduced if there is a poor environment or an improper maintenance.


1. Before measurement, rinse the electrode with distilled water or Deionized water first, then wipe it with filter paper to prevent from impurity into the measured fluid.

2. After measurement, please rinse it first and put it into the cap with the liquor of 3.5M KCL.

3. Keep connection extrenity dry. If it’s tainted, please rinse it with ethanol and dry it, then use it.

4. Please don’t let it be in distilled water or protein solution for a long time. And prevent it contacted with silicone grease.

5. If the electrode works for a long time, the glass membrane may become translucent or bearing sediments. If it happened, please rinse it with      Hydrochloric acid first then rinse it with water.

6. Please rinse the electrode and calibrate it once a week.

7. If the electrode can not be calibrated or can not measure as normal after the maintenance steps above, it means the electrode doesn’t work any more. Please replace it.



PH range





Zero eletricity(PH)

Theory slope %

Use range









Environment -protection 


online check









High purify water



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