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Quartz cuvette cell with screw caps 1mm Cuvettes Spectrometer Gas

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Quartz cuvette cell with screw caps 1mm Cuvettes Spectrometer Gas


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Quartz cuvette cell with screw caps (1mm) , for applications requiring sealing . Cell Cuvettes Spectrometer Gas

  • Model Number: 1mm
  • Classification: Test Tube
Name:Quartz cell with screw cap
Path length:1mm
Technology:Fully fution technology
Material:Japanese quartzglass
Transmittance:>80%(Paired testing)
Outline dimension:12.5x35x55mm

▲First-class raw material–cuvettes are made of quartz with the best quality

▲Good surface accuracy–/4@632.8nm

▲High precision–±0.05mm shape tolerance,and less than 0.5% pairing error of light transmisssion


Three types of quartz glass with different transmittance.

1、Ultraviolet quartz glass (JGS1), transmittance range 185nm-2500nm.

2、Visible light quartz glass (JGS2),transmittance range 300nm-800nm .

3、Infrared light quartz glass (JGS3),transmittance range 300nm-3500nm.

This product is made of(JGS1)with excellent UV and visible light transmittance,which can be used in various specs of UV visible spectrophotometer.

ATTENTION To The Use Of Cuvette

Cuvette, generally rectangular,

is made of frosted glass at the bottom and on two sides

(except fluorescence cuvette that light can penetrate four sides)

while the other two sides are light.

When taking cuvette, you can only use your fingers to contact both sides of the frosted glass or edge to avoid contact with the optical surface.

At the same time, be careful not to take too much power to prevent the breakage of cuvette.

Any solution containing corrosiveglass should not be placed in cuvette for a long time.

The light translucent surface of a cuvette shall not be contacted with the hard or the dirty. When the solution is filled, the height is at the 2/3 of the cuvette.

The optical surface, if there is a residual liquid, can be sored gently with a filter paper and then wiped with a lens paper or silk.

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